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     I have suffered from chronic dry skin,  particularly on my knuckles, for years now.
     I have tried any and every product from recommendations, reading the backs of labels, even down to what a dermatologist has told me.  None of which has stopped the cracking, peeling and bleeding.
     After just 3-4 days of using Keep Buzzin' Hand Cream, there was a dramatic difference in how my hands looked and felt.  It was light weight, and didn't leave a greasy feel.
     Now, weeks into using the product, my hands are completely healed up.  No more dreading the winter weather!
     -- Amanda Wells,   Lenexa, KS
     I have owned a cleaning business for more than twenty years.  I'm constantly exposed to water and cleaning products.  As a result, I have had painfully dry and chapped hands.
     I have always searched for a cream that could heal and protect my skin.  Other creams failed to work for me, because they felt too greasy or did not absorb well.
     I adore your Keep Buzzin' Hand Cream, because it totally healed my hands.  When I apply the cream, it absorbs quickly.  I can feel the conditioning effects throughout the day.
     Now my hands are soft and look fantastic.
     Crystal Mahoney,   Minneapolis, MN 

​     I want to thank you for the incredible product that I've found in Keep Buzzin' Hand Cream!  I was given some by a family member, and it is a product that successfully drives away my dry, cracked skin.
     I have a real problem with dry skin on my hands, to the point that they start cracking and bleeding.
     I can treat it repeatedly with other products, but it seems as though nothing does the trick like this.  Not only does it bring relief when I apply it, but it feels like it keeps working once it's on.  I love it!  Thanks.
     David Simerson,   Austin, MN
     I love your hand cream, because it is all natural and nourishing to my skin.  
     It keeps my hands hydrated and healthy.  My skin is free from dryness.  I also use it at night for soothing my tired feet.  Thank you for making a product that is natural and healing.
     Sharon Webb, RN,   Columbus, OH

     I love your hand cream.  I had a hang nail.  
I used the hand cream, and it was gone the next day.  It was amazing.  
     My favorite thing about your hand cream is that it is all natural and contains no harmful chemicals.  
     It does an excellent job of moisturizing and feels great on my skin.  I would recommend it 
to anyone.
     Keep up the good work.  We all need more products like yours.
     Joy Fredman, RN   Yukon, OK

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     I love this hand cream formula, because it is ultra concentrated but not greasy, a little goes 
a long way.
     I like that it is paraben-free and lightly scented.  It's an excellent value for the money.
     Cindy Egelston, RN,  Founder, Provax Clinics
                              Chanhassen, MN
     I began using your hand cream, and I was most thrilled when a dry skin crack near my thumb healed in less than a week.  The cream blends in completely, leaving no residue.  I don't have to worry about smudging things 
I touch.
     This is an exciting discovery, and I look forward to trying other scents.  My favorite scent so far is the Lavender.  I would recommend this product to my patients, friends and family, and I'll certainly continue to enjoy it myself
     Fran Stous, Advanced Practice RN 
                         Kansas City, MO