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The Story Behind the Buzz....
    Keep Buzzin' Body Products, LLC was developed in response to the growing interest of consumers for both NATURAL AND ECO FRIENDLY BODY CARE GOODS.
     We specialize in premium quality body products made with the finest ingredients.  The cheerful, Earth Friendly packaging is vivid and colorful.
     Our products contain NO Petrolatum, NO Lanolin, NO Phthalates, NO Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfates, NO Oxy Benzone, NO Carmine and NO Added Color.
     We NEVER test our products on Animals.
     Our 100% Natural Hand Creams are Ultra Concentrated.  Simply apply the size of a pearl to cover both hands a couple of times per day.  One 
2 ounce jar will last the average user several weeks with daily use.
     Massage in the Foot Cream a couple of times a week to keep feet soft and conditioned.  
     Our All Natural Hand & Foot Creams are Sustainable and Paraben-Free.
     They contain a combination of the butters of Cocoa, Mango, Cupuacu and Shea for AMAZINGLY LONG LASTING SKIN PROTECTION.
     The Preservative we use is Propanediol Zemea, which is plant based and Eco Certified.  It also meets the EPA Plan for the Environment.
     Our Essential Oils are Certified 100% Pure, Natural, Unadulterated and contain NO Solvents .
     Our 100% Recycled Jars are Made in the USA.  They contain NO BPA and NO Phthalates.  They also meet TSA Standards for airplane carry-on bags.

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